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Mike Blume's LJ

Michael Blume
23 August 1985
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a christmas carol, a midsummer night's dream, aaron sorkin, acting, adaptation, apple, artificial intelligence, asimov, atheism, back to the future, bands with accordians, barenaked ladies, ben folds, biking, books, brights, campus villains, cev, charlie kaufman, compatibilism, computers, cosmology, crescenta valley high school, dance dance revolution, daniel dennett, differential equations, dirk gently, douglas adams, douglas hofstadter, drama, eliezer yudkowsky, ender wiggin, everything, existential risk, fai, firefly, folk music, food, fountains of wayne, gary drescher, geb, great big sea, group theory, gödel escher bach, gödel's incompleteness theorem, h2g2, harry potter, have you met ted, high energy physics, high energy theory, holistic detection, house, james clark maxwell, jane austen, jo rowling, last chance to see, less wrong, life, little miss sunshine, m.c. escher, macs, many worlds, math, maxwell edison, monty python, movies, music, musicals, not skynet, number theory, oingo boingo, order of the stick, physics, quantum mechanics, questionable content, reading, reductionism, richard dawkins, river tam, rosencrantz and guildenstern, shakespeare, singing, singularity institute, sleeping in, special relativity, spherical trigonometry, sports night, star trek, tentacles of forced intrusion, terry pratchett, the beatles, the flaming lips, the music man, the phantom tollbooth, the schrödinger equation, the shire, the underground theatre, the universe, the west wing, theatre, theoretical physics, they might be giants, things that go beep, thought, tom stoppard, west-side story, wikipedia